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ResizeImageHandlerDr. Martingano is an author and seeker of truth in American Politics.

“When words change, so do their implications.”


In The Declaration of Dependence: A Betrayal of the American Dream, author Dr. Sal Martingano condenses more than a decade of research into a guide aimed to remove confusion from politics by making the intentional complex terms and euphemisms used by the U.S. government and political forum easier to understand to the average citizen.

Dr. Martingano also provides basic solutions, consistent with the Constitution, to many hot-button national issues in order to inform and empower readers to decipher fact from fantasy.

“Words have meaning in our political system, but without a clear understanding of their intent, decision making is futile,”

Dr. Martingano also notes that understanding past historical events along with current political policies is a prerequisite to preserving our democracy.  “History always repeats itself,” Dr. Martingano said. “And without understanding the reasons for our beginnings, we too will become but a footnote in the democratic playbook.”

Personalized Dedication

From Dr. Martingano….

“As a first wave baby boomer, I have had the privilege of “living” the American dream.  I wasn’t aware that America was unique and truly the land of opportunity, no more than a fish has a consciousness of a life out of water.  The concept of “fair exchange”, hard work, being just about anything you wanted to be, was all within the grasp of the boomer generation.  I followed the plan and made my choices, knowing that there are consequences to bad choices.  Every bad choice could be changed, if the motivation was there and the FREEDOMS granted to us under our constitution were enforced.

The_Declaration_of_DependenceGovernment was always present to maintain order, provide for a common defense and insure a stable monetary system.  I have always heard that no democracy has ever lasted more than 200 years.  The reason is that as the generations pass, not all the traditions, customs and ideals are carried forward.  Once imperial knowledge is lost chaos ensues.  Of course the chaos is subtle at first but eventually reaches a level of lack of responsibility.

Socialism is the ideal default political system.  It requires no ideals, responsibility or traditions.  It only requires a herd mentality, where there are few leaders but many followers.  Individualism soon fades and even the words that define us, change.  As words change, so do their meaning.  It is at this point that I decided to end the quiet passage of time, the live and let live attitude and most of all, the silent and OBVIOUS loss of our freedoms.  All is not well with our country.  This is not a time for finger pointing or grandstanding.  It was time for me to act, using my skills as a communicator, in an attempt to inspire the sleeping giant that has become our country.”

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