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Media Consultant, respected authority in healthcare industry.

Getting the word out about truth and education…

Dr. Sal Martingano has been involved in research and the study of the ever changing aspects of today’s life.  The truth of today can be the myth of tomorrow.  The only consistent way to attain credibility as an expert in your field is to be relentless in the pursuit of the truth by documenting facts and dismissing hearsay.

Crediting his ability to be an effective communicator began as a teacher, where developing the correct speaking style and rhythms are crucial to effective teaching. Recognizing that we all learn differently…some are auditory learners where we can sit and merely listen to absorb information effectively.  Some are visual learners that require visual stimulation and animation to absorb information effectively.  Some are tactile learners that must actually touch and feel the material from time to time to make a lasting learning imprint.  Over the years and with vast experience,mastering all three learning patterns and combined them into a style that can reach the masses effectively.

The word doctor, by definition, means teacher not healer.  Dr. Sal Martinagano was fortunate to be mentored by great teachers that opened the horizons of possibilities as applied to the educational process.  With the advent of modern web technology and the ever growing multimedia requirements to participate in the educational process, he is well qualified.

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For the auditory learner, it was necessary to be on public radio.  From 1988 to 2009, Straight Talk on Chiropractic became a weekly mainstay for the educational and healthcare minded.  With over 1,000 one hour radio programs that covered nearly every healthcare topic imaginable, the listening audience became vast and loyal.  The program was a talk show format that gave opportunity to the local population ask questions and discuss issue that concerned them, being careful never to go beyond my area of expertise or into medically oriented conversation.  Dr. Sal’s name became synonymous with healthcare education and as a well known media consultant on issues surrounding healthcare.  Every show was archived and made available to the general public via direct CD or later through web technology.

For the visual learner, it was appropriate to join with other likeminded healthcare professional in the chiropractic and medical communities. I got the opportunity to be a regular guest on the cable TV medical talk show “Check Up” and later on a similar cable TV program “House Calls”.  The shows gave new insight into the benefits of the combined efforts of appropriate chiropractic analysis and traditional medical care.  We were successful in breaking down the false facade of chiropractic quackery as well as the growing misuse of medical protocols due to political pressure and an ever growing government controlled healthcare system.  There were many lively programs where traditional mores were broken and universal truths were discussed.

For the tactile learner, it was time to expand my communication skills in the form of writing columns for trade newspapers and magazines.  The opportunity arose to be the first non-medical health editor for a major magazine, which offered credibility and an expansion of knowledge in a format not attainable via radio or TV.  Within my profession, my guest articles appeared in nearly all of the trade newspapers and magazines.  In the later part of my practice career, it was time to put my vast healthcare knowledge as well as my understanding of the political climate, into a published book format.  In 2015 my first book was published by Balboa Press, a subsidiary of Hay House; “The Declaration of Dependence…..a Betrayal of the American Dream”.  The book was not about “bashing” but educating people without a degree in political science or healthcare, to the truth we now live with every day.  Words have meaning, and understanding the euphemistic changes in political, economic and healthcare terminology is vital to good decision making.

Specialty Training

  • Radio and TV experienced
  • Highway 2 Health, Web based digital radio, Co-host, 2003 – 2010
  • World Chiropractic Multimedia Network, Co-Owner, 2006 – 2010
  • Straight Talk on Chiropractic, WMEL 920AM, 1988 – 2010, longest running health talk show in Central Florida
  • Unraveling The Mysteries of Chiropractic, Host, 1992, Cable TV health series
  • Check-Up, Co-Host, 1998 – 2000, Cable TV Weekly Medical talk show
  • House Calls, Regular guest, 1999 – 2000, Cable TV Weekly Alternative Health Talk Series

Highway 2 Health is the next step in bringing my life long goal of public awareness and informed consent to a healthcare system that is shrouded in mystery and misinformation.  “Separating the business of healthcare from the practice of healthcare is a fundamental right for all citizens and can make the difference between life and death”

World Chiropractic Multimedia Network: the first internet based visual radio and HD TV marketing and public educational entity for the chiropractic profession bringing alternative healthcare information to a world market.

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