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Dr. Martingano is a licensed, practicing chiropractor in Florida.

Sal Martingano 2016-5_1As a longtime professional in his field, his insights into our healthcare system has helped people across the U.S. truly understand the virtues and hidden dangers of the system.  As an articulate speaker, his entertaining format empowers his listeners with vital information and the solutions necessary to make better healthcare decisions.


  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, 1985
  • Post Masters Study, Administration & Supervision, City College, N.Y.
  • Masters Degree, M.S. in Education, City College, N.Y.
  • Bachelors of Science in Education, City College, N.Y.
  • Associates Arts Degree, College of Staten Island, N.Y.

Dr. Sal’s approach to chiropractic care….in his own words.

The Chiropractic approach to healthcare:

Over the years, the practice of chiropractic has been filled with excitement.  It doesn’t take long to realize that our training and skills pale in the face of the body’s ability to heal itself.  The job of the chiropractor is to locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations, which are interferences in the flow of vital nerve impulses from the brain to all parts of the body.  The area of specialty is the spine itself that serves as the switchboard for the myriad of nerves that flow from the spinal cord itself to every cell in the body.

It is daunting at first to actually find a vertebrae that has moved from its normal position, then develop the skill to attempt to restore it to its normal position.  With added experience, you begin to realize that there is no correct position, only the position that best suits the body’s needs; each being different for the individual.  It takes a great deal of humble conviction to be in the present with each patient, to give the best possible corrective adjustment.  The chiropractors job is merely to move the vertebrae toward it’s normal position, allowing the body to make the final correction as to where it actually needs to be.

The universal accepted concept is that vertebrae can move out of their normal position by some external force and the chiropractor puts the vertebrae back into its correct position, as if like a puzzle piece.  Research has demonstrated no two spines are alike, only similar.  The skill of the chiropractor is to access the entire body via the case history, then apply the appropriate chiropractic testing procedures resulting in the delivery of the chiropractic adjustment most appropriate for that individual.  Unlike traditional medicine, where normals are universally assigned and treatment protocols are developed to meet those normal, chiropractic recognizes that only the body itself can determine what is normal for that individual.  Therefore, the skill of the chiropractor is to remove the nerve interferences by the adjustment and let the body heal itself.

Chiropractic patients are often amazed that by removing nerve interference at the source, often corrects health issues that were unintended, leading to the conclusion that somehow chiropractic can heal anything.  It is at this juncture that the healthcare community developed the notion that chiropractic is “quackery”.

After years of practice, it became my mission to use my teaching and speaking skills to better educate the public as well as my medical counterparts to the truth about chiropractic.  The term chiropractic medicine is a misnomer.  Traditional medicine implies a treatment model of pharmaceutical drugs and or surgery.  Chiropractic is a drugless profession, relying on the innate healing powers of the body to correct healthcare issues.  Chiropractic stands alone, needing no modifiers.


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