Let’s Talk Electoral College

By Dr. Sal Martingano, F.I.C.P.A.

Some residents of California want to secede from the U.S.

States have the right to vote to secede from the United States, under the nullification clause of the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.  There is a growing movement with residents of California, who feel that “Californian values and the values of the rest of the country are increasingly out of step”.  They further state; “In our view, the United States of America represents so many things that conflict with Californian values, and our continued statehood means California will continue subsidizing the other states to our own detriment,” http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/calexit-is-here-some-californians-want-to-secede-from-the-united-states/ar-AAk9sf4?li=BBnb7Kz

The above article is a classic example of citizens never truly understanding how a Democracy works.  In the 2016 Presidential elections, 61% of Californians voted Democratic and only 33% voted Republican; it is assumed that their “voices” were not heard. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t a PEEP out of the Californians, in the 2012 election, when 60% voted Democratic (Obama) and 37% voted Republican (Romney).  The answer may not be secession but a better understanding of our Democratic representative process.

So What’s The Issue?

Most people in our country really do not understand or have never been taught, why the founding fathers included the principles of “Electoral College” into our American system of government.

  • In order to keep a democracy from ever becoming a dictatorship, the Electoral College insures that the population doesn’t have the mechanism of MOB RULE
  • The Electoral College was established, whereby each state has a representative number of electors: 2 State Senators each and the number of seats in the House of Representatives based on state population according to the Census

This means that there are a total of 538 electors; 100 Senators and 438 in the House of Representatives.  To win a Presidential election, a majority of “Electoral” votes (270) must be obtained

There is a difference between MAJORITY RULE and a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC

Majority rule is the principle that the greater number should exercise greater control. A Representative Republic states that “elected officials” are chosen to represent a group of people.

Simply put:

  • When choosing a president of the United States, there are 2 outcomes that are tabulated:  the Popular vote and the Electoral College vote
  • Other countries that choose their leaders by popular vote only, soon end up with Dictators, who have full power over the nation, or Monarchs, who govern by fixed and established laws.
  • A Democracy is where the population as a whole, holds the ultimate power in government and the “elected officials”, chosen by the people themselves, are essentially representatives of the general population.  This is a founding principle of our country that “we” have been taught to ignore as “Socialism/Progressivism” infiltrates our system.

To be more specific:

  • Each state is sovereign under the Constitution
  • Larger states like California and Texas have larger populations to that of smaller states
  • California is a large state and as such, has 55 Electoral College votes, based on its population (53 votes from the House of Representative and 2 votes from the Senate)
  • Vermont is a smaller state and has 3 electoral votes, (1 from the House and 2 from the Senate), yet by proportion to the total population of the United States, they are relatively equal to California, in terms of the electoral college votes

Essentially, this respects the individual sovereignty of a state, in terms of its ability to elect a president, regardless of its overall population.

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Under the guise of “Progressivism”, a form of “Socialism”, too many Americans have voluntarily shed their responsibilities to adhere to Constitutional Law, in favor of “feel good” principles, with the ultimate goal of changing the fabric of our Democratic Republic.

  • The recent 2016 presidential election cycle put our representative republic to the test
  • Efforts by the Obama administration to open our borders to undocumented immigrants, under the guise of “humanitarianism”, was actually an attempt to bring “new” voters to our country for the ulterior motive of achieving Obama’s 2012 presidential slogan to “Fundamentally Change America”
  • No one seemed to ask the bigger question: “fundamentally change America to what”? We now know that “progressivism”, a softer version of “Socialism”, was the intent.
  • To the lesser informed, the lure of “feel good” legislation, easily influenced by Progressive infiltration, leads to a MOB rule mentality and tests the resolve of our country.
  • Exercising our right to protest is fundamental to our First Amendment. The recent “millennial” and high school protests across our country, demonstrated that protesting against the “will of the people” is an attempt at MOB RULE.

*Winning and losing is a learned process.  Not everyone gets “A Trophy”*

  • I dare say that our current education tendencies (common core), encourage critical thinking, often void of historical references. Common Core curriculum glosses over historical facts without proper analysis as to their significance to our history.
  • Nearly every other country in the world teaches their students patriotic lessons about their country; not doing so in our country, is tantamount to “aiding and abetting” in the demise of our national security.

Where Did We Go Right?

  • Our Founding Fathers understood monarchies, dictators and large centralized governments. Their intent was to insure that the United States would always be controlled by the will of its people, with representatives (State and Federal Senates and House of Representatives) tasked with upholding that will
  • The 2016 presidential election offered a chance for the “will of the people” to be heard. The election was not about Clinton or Trump, it was about recognizing that our country was on the verge of social and economic disaster
  • Those that approve of progressivism, see only what benefits them. Those that oppose progressivism understand American individualism
  • Our Democracy defines our country. Those that wish to move to another country or attempt to change our Democracy, have the right to do so but not truly understanding your own country or other political systems, will not bring contentment but may further your individual unresolved contempt

The Electoral College needs to remain intact as a buffer against Socialism.   We were misled by the polls to encourage surrender. Fortunately, the great majority of us weren’t absent during American History class.

More in depth reading can be found on this and other timely issues facing our country today, in my book, “The Declaration of Dependence….A Betrayal of the American Dream”

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