Food as Fuel?

Let’s Talk The Declaration of Dependence…A Betrayal of the American Dream…

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

We are the only country in modern history where food is used as fuel

Part of the progressive agenda is to convince our country that the exploitation of
“oil” is leading to the destruction of our planet.  From our earliest days in grade school we were taught that “if it weren’t for the dinosaurs and all the ancient forests, we would not have all the oil we use as fuels for gasoline, heating oil and lubricants.”

The progressives conveniently and intentionally make statements that are misleading yet consistent with the teachings of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”.  Rule 9 and 10 of Alinsky’s principles states: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself and “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive

Here are a few facts covered in my book “The Declaration of Dependence…a Betrayal of the American Dream” that we were never taught in school nor would Alinsky ever want to become known:

  • Fossil” fuels is a misnomer. Fossil fuels imply that they are the remains of prehistoric organisms.

FACT: Our country uses 3.57 billion gallons of oil (fossil fuel) per day or 1.4 trillion gallons per year.  The question that begs asking is…How many friggin’ dinosaur fossils were there?

  • We were also taught that fossil fuels are non-renewable resources because they take millions of years to form.

FACT: In the 18th century, German and French scientists discovered that fossil fuels weren’t the product of decaying biological matter but the result of a process that was natural to the earth’s core, constantly renewing itself as it spreads across the mantle layers of earth’s crust.  In short the earth is literally “floating” on oil.

  • Oil reserves are being depleted much faster than new ones are being made. Drilling and use of fossil fuels raise environmental concerns.

FACT: Oil is constantly being created by abiotic (nonliving) forces deep within the earth’s core, which seeps into vacated, formerly filled oil caverns creating a “RENEWABLE” source of energy; the very last thing “Big Oil” wants people to realize.

The purpose of this brief synopsis of the “Food as Fuel” chapter is to make crystal clear that we are continually being lied too, to protect the illusion that “we the people” are responsible for destroying the earth.

The truth is that there were never oil shortages or lack of production capabilities but instead, drops in production intended to give the illusion of supply and demand economics.

*Wow, what a powerful 100+ year narrative…..deception is a great tool*

  • John D. Rockefeller, made his fortune by exploiting the lie that oil is non renewable
  • What would our economy be like if we were taught the earth is literally floating on an endless supply of oil?
  • With “Big Oil’s” secret well hidden by corporate greed and the ability for governments to control populations by raising or lowering oil prices for political gain, one of the greatest scams of all time has been committed.

The big question is….Why are we totally dependent on Mid East oil?                           The answer is ignorance of the facts that took place during the 1960’s Nixon administration. 

So how does “Food for Fuel” enter the economic equation? 

Complete details of this discussion is contained in the “Food for Fuel” chapter of the book.  HINT: Don’t eat before reading this chapter!

Below is a brief summary that will enlighten you:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) movement of the early 1960’s set the stage for using naturally occurring endangered animal species as an excuse for not developing our own oil reserves.
  • Over 10,000 bugs and animals are now on the EPA’s “endangered species” list, making it virtually impossible to get a drilling permit without having an impact on the “Snail Darter” or the “Caribou Beetle”

Enter the concept of BIOFUELS:

Biofuels are basically the conversion of foods, by fermentation into Ethanol, a cheap grade of alcohol produced from sugarcane or corn. Under the guise of “helping the environment”, the next energy scam was born.

  • Ethanol, when added to gasoline, lowers the octane rating and attracts water to the fuel system, rendering the standard internal combustion engine almost useless.
  • Massive amounts of “corn” are required to produce usable Ethanol. In 2009, a staggering 32% of the U.S. corn crop was dedicated to Ethanol production, yet accounting for less than 3.5% of gasoline energy supply.

Ethanol is the mechanism for burying the truth about the Oil Cartels and their clever secret, while creating food shortages and higher food prices for consumers.

*NEVER in the history of civilizations has food been used for fuel*

So, let’s understand that Biofuels are a diversion, having little to do with energy.

  • Biofuels have little to do with energy but everything to do with changing the fabric of our country’s “energy” and “food” economics.
  • Biofuels open a new government controlled sector of the economy.
  • Under the guise of “saving our planet”, biofuel income subsidizes farmers to produce food for fuel rather than food for consumption, resulting in skyrocketing food prices and a further drain on family income.

Progressives are a crafty lot.  Progressives speak in general platitudes void of actual science or fact, as a way of accomplishing their hidden agendas.

that placate the lesser informed,

The present U.S. economic growth rate is pitiful at just 1.2% for 2015, and should be a wakeup call to Americans, that “all is not well” economically.

Bottom line is that we have been lied to by our government about energy. 

Pay attention America………Progressivism IS NOT Democracy!

For a more in depth understanding and insights into the solutions required to get our country back, you need to read: “The Declaration of Dependence….A Betrayal of the American Dream”

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