Let’s Talk Cancer in the U.S.

By Dr. Sal Martingano, FICPA

Being diagnosed with cancer, is considered a death sentence by modern medicine

The most significant medical “sacred cow” in healthcare today. Business is booming with over a third of all medical, pharmaceutical and research spending and revenue devoted to cancer.

The War on Cancer:

In 1971, the “War on Cancer” officially began when President Richard Nixon made his declaration.  The American Cancer Society (ACS) became the expert on how cancer would be treated.  So, do the math: how effective has the war on cancer been?

  • In 1950, the cancer rate in the U.S. was roughly 150 of 100,000. In 2008 the CDC stated that the cancer rate had increased to 543 of 100,000 people developed the disease. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2016, there will be 1,685,210 new cancer cases diagnosed and 595,690 cancer deaths in the US, with a staggering projection of 1:3 or 33% of all citizens will get cancer in their lifetime; a grim statement for the American Cancer Society indeed.
  • The ACS states that cancer cure rates are as high as 45-50%, yet the Center for Disease Control (CDC) states conventional cancer treatment and cure rates are 3%. So how is that possible? STATISTICAL MANIPULATION !!
  • The ACS uses a “5 year survival” rule to judge the success of the traditional medical cancer treatments of Chemotherapy and Radiation. If you survive the cancer treatments and live for 5 years, but die one day after 5 years, even from the same or different cancer, you are considered successfully “cured” of cancer by conventional treatment and your name is added to the cure statistics.

The following is a video posted on Mercola.com, April 9, 2016, “The Atrocious State of Cancer Treatment in the U.S., that tells the true story:
Watch The Video

The Unfortunate History of Cancer Treatment:

  • John D. Rockefeller’s American Cancer Society was formed in 1913 but its mission was never to cure cancer; but rather to fund medical research institutions
  • The ACS began as a business model. It was also a brilliant way to hide money. The ACS, in fact, receives more money in contributions every few minutes than the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) (with a 90% cure rate) receives in a full year! That’s not something the (ACS) wants you to know.
  • The ACS is almost totally financed by the Rockefeller Foundation, which also owns ALL the pharmaceutical companies that supply chemotherapy and other cancer drugs. John D. Rockefeller was also the son of the founder of the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S., now having 68 BIG PHARMA subsidiaries
  • The Rockefeller Foundation not only owns BIG PHARMA but also controls the medical education in America, as evidenced by yearly donations to Harvard Medical School (more than $8 million), Yale (more than $7 million), John Hopkins (more than $10 million), Washington University in St. Louis (more than $2 million), Columbia University (more than $5 million), and Cornell (more than $1.7 million).

Is it any wonder the only Cancer treatment approved in the US is Chemotherapy and Radiation

Sadly, our medical school teaching hospitals are supported by numerous endowments and 501c3s, promoting a 3% “cure”, using Chemotherapy and radiation when there are abundantly better ways of treating cancer with staggering success rates close to 100%?

There is a Better Way:

  • In 1934, Dr. Royal Rife, discovered that cancer could be treated more holistically. Dr. Rife opened 2 small clinics in California and treated sixteen cases of terminal cancer with treatments that lasted only three minutes. Rife’s treatments rendered no adverse side effects and were 100% effective.  The AMA was successful in suppressing Rife’s work as quackery.
  • Since the 1900s, multiple cancer treatments that cost little or nothing, like the work of Dr. Burzynski, have been suppressed by the Rockefeller Foundation.  As soon as someone starts to interfere with Big Pharma’s money, regardless of their success, you can be sure the CDC, FDA will be filing lawsuits with never ending harassment including being marked for death.  To date 12 alternative healthcare professionals with bonified cancer cures have met untimely deaths.  Of course they were listed as suicides.
  • There are dozens of successful cancer treatment options that do exist. The problem is that the oncologist can’t, or won’t, prescribe them. To do so would risk their reputation and even medical license….how sad and unfortunate for the American people.

As Albert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This describes modern cancer treatment in a nutshell.

The “Medicine Man” chapter in my book, “The Declaration of Dependence…A Betrayal of the American Dream”, gives clear evidence that “we”, as a society, are being duped into believing that the only way to save healthcare is to have a single payer government run system.  The chapter covers topics like vaccines, cancer and Obamacare in terms that clearly define how each have become politicized to make us believe government intervention is in our best interests. The evidence says otherwise!

For a more in depth understanding and insights into the solutions required to get our country back, you need to read: “The Declaration of Dependence….A Betrayal of the American Dream”

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